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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Am Only Here to Help...

Ok, so we all have seen the Comic Con pics...but, I can stop thinking about particular the ones of KStew.

Now, I know she isn't a glamour girl, likes to dress punkly (my term, leave me alone) and whatever, not knocking her clothes (right now at least) But, I mean something has to be done about her hair.

And yes, I know she is playing Joan Jett right now, so her hair is required to be a FUGLY mullet...whatev. But COME doesn't have to be so Fugly!

But most importantly, I wanna know who is letting her make very PUBLIC appearances looking like this?!

So order to help you, I have compiled a list of things you may want to look into:

Number 1:

Please, at the very least run one of these through that mane!

Number 2:

This is what we use to wash our hair...try this kind, it smells nicey!

Number 3:

This is a hair straightener, it should be your BFF...and look this one even has little skulls on it...awww how punkly!

Number 4:

A Mirror

Because there is no way in HELL you are currently looking into one!

My Evidence?:
'Nuff Said!

Number 5:

Apparently you don't have time to wash, let alone fix your hair... so I am begging you, at least put a hair tie in it! Here is what they look like:

Hell, I would even settle for the GAWD-Awful 80's Scrunchy
(desperate times call for desperate measures!)

Or I even found you these little skull clippys!

Number 6:

Sorry, but your hands can't hide that hair!
So I would even consider letting you get away with borrowing a Trailerific Trucker Hat from Britney:

(desperate times people!)

KStew: Shit...maybe I should look into some of those things!

1 comment:

Mrs. Robward said...

Thank you so much for talking about this.

I have barfed in my mouth numerous times looking at these pics.


At no time do I look at her & think, "Wow, she looks just like Joan Jett!"

It saddens me to think that she thinks it is ok to get out of bed & actually leave her house looking like that!

Surely, Rob is TURNED OFF by her now (if he ever even was.....)


P.S. I have a Blog that I named but never started, called "My TwiLife Robsession", coincidence?

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