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Friday, July 24, 2009

Kristen & Taylor Like to Play Ball on Set!

Celebuzz has a lighthearted interview with Taylor & Kristen about what they like to do in between takes on the set of New Moon:

Taylor Lautner spent a lot of time on the New Moon set playing the frustrated and heartbroken Jacob Black, but there was one thing that always boosted his mood after filming.

"I like to hold a football with me," he said in an interview with Celebuzz. "As soon as I'm done filming, I'll play catch with anyone who will play."

And one of Lautner's costars stands out as having quite an arm. None other than Kristen Stewart!

"Kristen would play with me. She's got really good aim." he said.

The two giggled with each other before remembering another popular game of skill they liked to play on their downtime.

"I can throw a grape across the room and he'll catch it in his mouth" Kristen shared.

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