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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twilight Lexicon's Interview with Tinsel Korey

Twilight Lexicon had the opportunity to interview Tinsel Korey, who plays Emily in New Moon. Here are a few excerpts from her interview:

Did you, along with the other cast members who were also in the Quileuete roles, spend any time building back-stories or relationships? I built my back-story before I met the boys, I already had an idea of who Emily was. Meeting and hanging out with the boys only helped build upon what my prior thoughts already were. I think when we all hung out the back-story just was there in who we were. Most of us are pretty similar to our characters.

How long is the process of getting into makeup and costume for Emily and can you describe it? It takes hours to perfect the make-up and you’ll have to wait for the movie to see the magic that the makeup/SPX department created ?

How would you describe your vision of Emily Young? Oh god, I don’t think I’m allowed to right a novel for this interview. Lol. So let me summarize in one sentence. She’s a survivor, the heart and soul of the team, when they’re down she brings them up. She’s the one you want to have in your corner.

Read the entire interview @ Twilight Lexicon.

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