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Friday, July 31, 2009

A letter to The Hubster:


I love you...I love that you put up with my Robsession and my endless blogging...even though you insist on referring to Rob as Bobby Patterson. (I know secretly you are jealous, so I let it go)

But I am tired of never being able to buy any of the Rob garb I want. You see, you are a tightass "we don't need that, so you can't buy it kind of guy." I have been begging you to let me buy a mini-Edward, but you don't seem to care that "all the other bloggers have one..." *sniff, sigh*

Anywho, since I am only allowed to buy things we need, I went ahead and found some of the Robalicious things I want...and you can't argue I don't need:

Honey, we just joined the modern world and got AC and you insist on keeping it so damn cold in order to make up for all the years of sweating in our own I need this Rob Fleece Blanket! You can find it here.And you know we can NEVER find lighters in our house...So I promise NEVER to lose this one Hubster! You can find this baby here.

You KNOW you are always complaining about my jewelry laying all over the bathroom, so get me these jewelry bags and problem solved!We always have shizz that needs hung on the fridge so you can buy me a few of these magnets here.

Remember that frame I bought a long time ago that you keep bitching at me to buy a picture for? Well since we like B&W pics hanging in our living room I found this will look great with all the other black and white decor so you can buy it here.

You know we need pillowcases...I am constantly washing sheets, plus I want to use this Robert Pattinson Pillowcase for my leg pillow, because I want him in between my legs...wait did I just say that?! Sorry, you know I would never cheat on you so this is as good as it gets for me (unless you want to work something out...Just kiddin' teehee) it's available on Ebay .

Ok, that should do it for now...unless you want to buy me my mini Edward...


sari.i. said...

Haha. :) I want that last one too. :)

Couture Parties said...

I love this post. Too funny! I hope you will get at least something from that list!

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