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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Heart That My Friends Feed My Robsession!

So I am sitting at home last night, tirelessly searching for Twi-news and my phone alerts me to a text message. So...I open my phone and what do I find??!!

A picture message from my non-Robsessed, I don't understand this whole Twilight thing, Friend!

I Love it when my friends unknowingly feed my Robsession!

The following are the texts that ensued:

Friend: Look who we ran into on Vacation
Me: OMG I am soooooo jealous....where is that? I am posting that on my blog...don't worry I won't show your face to protect the innocent!

*Long pause ensues*

Friend: You know that is a cutout right?
Me: LMAO yes in the blog world (thanks to JennyJerkface) we call him FSE or Full Sized Edward...I am cracking up right he for sale?

Friend: Probably. I could take one of me humping him if that would bring more publicity to the blog.
Me: Yes, Please do...I'm serious!
(I love my friends!)

Friend: I will have to find the store again
Me: Ok I am waiting...
(I can't believe he loves me and apprciates my obsession this much!)

Friend: Can you really blur out my face? I don't want to end up on the cover of People Magazine!
Me: LMAO I already did...but I don't think I am on People Mags radar!

Did you find him yet? My readers are eagerly awaiting this post...(your probably not, but I like to think you are)
Friend: No still looking....

A whole night goes by with me eagerly awaiting the Friend humping FSE picture:

I take it you and Edward didn't get busy last night?!

***Because of a lack of response from my Friend, I will assume he is sitting in his hotel room right now, licking his wounds due to being denied the dry hump picture by the very modest FSE. ***


ApplesnFeathers-Susie said...

LOVE IT! My work mates are mostly guys and very not into Twilight but they feed my obsession daily plus my nickname at work...Twilight!

My Twilife said...

@ApplesnFeathers-Susie Love it! I think they all secretly love it...they long to be Edward! Hubster likes to pretend he isn't jealous, but still calls Rob Robert Patterson...even though I endlessly correct him!

Christina Padilla said...

OMG, your friend is the bomb! How cool of him and to even suggest the humpage is awesome!!

Heather R. said...

It will be even more awesome if he actually comes through. Yes I am eagerly awaiting the pic!

Lily Bean Designs said...

This is too funny!

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