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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Insider's Top 10 Sexy Smiles

The Insider has as list of The Top 10 Sexy Smiles...and before you become outraged that Rob is # her explaination on the ranking:

"Where they are placed, (save for number ONE) doesn’t have any bearing on what I really think of their mouth,other than I think they are sexy. I wanted them all left un numbered, honestly. *laugh*"

5.)Robert Pattinson: Everything about him invites you in, his smile is certainly no exception.

3.)Taylor Lautner: Does his being half naked bother me? Nope, but his mouth does tend to draw my attention.

2.)Kellan Lutz: His teeth, his lips, his dimples, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t appreciate that mouth. WOW.

My number one spot goes to the guy I consider to be the epitome of beautiful, and soulful.

1.)Jackson Rathbone: For me, there is no sexier mouth on the planet. His smile reaches his eyes, and it’s contagious.You can’t look at him grinning, and not do the same in return.Every time I see his mouth turn up at the corners, I can’t help but smile extremely wide, and say “Awwwww” (Yes aloud, don’t judge me.) *laugh*

Wow! All the Cullen Boys and Jacob got on the list! ;)
{via TCA}

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