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Monday, July 27, 2009

More Than 1 Set of Vamps @ Comic-Con

The cast of New Moon weren't the only vamps at Comic Con. Socialite Life has a little tidbit on the new Vampire TV series, The Vampire Diaries which aired its pilot at Comic-Con:

Writer/producer Kevin Williamson screened the pilot episode of the series at Comic-Con to a passionate audience. He was quick to point out that he had no intention of stepping on any sparkly Twilight toes.

The star of the series, Paul Wesley joked of his vampire heartthrob status, "Nine of 10 girls in this room would throw me under a bus to get to Edward Cullen." Silly boy! That's not how you kill a vampire! (teehee)

Indeed, I am sure he is right! But for curiosity's sake...and possible material...I will have to check this show out.

Seems like they too eat animals...(or are supposed to) have tortured pasts and struggle to live in one place. (sound familiar?)

So, will you tune in?


Christina Padilla said...

I will be tuning in, anything to get me though until November 20th baby!!!

My Twilife said...

I know what you mean! I find myself watching/reading something because I am bored and the wait seems like forever...but I am usually disapointed...nothing like The Twilight Saga!

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