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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cam & Rob..Sexy V-neck Tees

You damn well better believe I am lovin' me some tight v-neck tees on my sexay Twilight boys!

Although I didn't much care for Cam in Twilight (obviously not a James fan) but, you know the long greasy hair doesn't do it for me...but now...holy hormones he is fiiiiiiine on the set of his new flick Easy A...


And how could you forget Rob in his body huggin black v-neck tee and button fly jeans that get me all hot and bothered...*fans self*

Rob wearing those jeans is probably illegal in most states!


PDXSparkler said...

LOL! I love the comment about Rob wearing those jeans, that cracked me up but it is SOOOOO true!

My Twilife said...

Ah Thanks for commenting about it! It is so true least they make me wanna do things that might be illegal!

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