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Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Mindless Monday Y'all!

So, I was searching for today's addition of Mindless Monday and I stumbled upon this video over at Twitarded and *BAM* I knew I HAD to have this for today's Mindless Monday...because come on...we ALL want to do Bad Things to Rob! So sit back and enjoy:

Monday's are a drag...hard to get to help get your morning going, I am bringing you Mindless Monday!

This weeks addition of Mindless Monday:

I wanna do BAAAAD Things with you Rob!!

Speaking of doing bad things with Rob, or Full Sized Edward (FSE) for that matter, Twitarded is taking donations for their very own FSE to do bad things to. And believe me, you want them to have will be knee slappin' funny shit they post about their adventures with FSE. So check it out here and help the super hilar Twitarded girls defile a Full Size Edward!

1 comment:

Snarkier Than You said...

Thanks for the mention!!! We're ordering the Edward Cullen stand-up/cut-out tonight - I hope they have fast shipping because I need that thing as much as JJ suddenly...
: )

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