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Friday, July 17, 2009

More From Vampires in Vancouver promised us more from their New Moon set visit, and OH BOY did they deliver:

ATTENTION: *Spoilers Ahead* (if you didn't read the book)

4:15PM Stewart, Pattinson and Greene film a scene with the Volturri. It goes (more or less) like this:

[Bella, Alice and Edward, who wears a long maroon cloak, stand near the entrance of the ornate room. Aro steps off the credenza towards our daring trio.]

Aro: What a happy surprise. Bella is alive after all. I love a happy ending. They’re so rare. La tua cantante (Italian for “your song”). It makes me thirsty. Her blood appeals to me. How do you stand to be so close to her?

Edward: It’s not without its difficulties. (RP says this with intensity).

Aro: So now you know everything. Fascinating. I’d love to see if you are an exception to my gift as well. Would you do me the honor?

[Aro seems to meditate on Bella.] Interesting. I see nothing. I wonder if — let’s see if she’s immune to all of our powers, shall we Jane?

(I like to think that if I ever got the chance to see RPattz...*Please God, let that happen*...this is how I would react and not actually full on linebacker tackle him):

5:08PM So, um … OM-F-ING-G! Robert Pattinson is walking by. ROBERTPATTINSONISWALKINGBY!!! By ME! Don't CHASE him. Stay PUT. Be cool. FOCUS! Focus.

Make sure you read the rest here!

I don't know what to do with much New Moon info lately...I feel like I have been awaken from my pap pic/fluff blogging state! I AM ALIVE!

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