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Monday, July 13, 2009

More of Kellan & Ashley @ TwiCon

Joy from Pattinson Online has another report from day 3 of TwiCon. Here is an excerpt:

The third day of the convention was shorter but still packed with stuff to do! Kellan and Ashley returned for the first session and wowed everyone once again! They really are close friends and they act like brother and sister – it’s adorable! Here are a few of my favorite bits from their talk:

» Kellan is excited about New Moon and Eclipse: “I really just want to see the wolves, see them transform and kick butt!”

» Kellan admitted his weirdest quirk: “When I drink from a drinking fountain I always count to 10 for some reason.”

The most akward part of filming? “Watching Rob try to run.”

» Ashley on Rob: “He’s still the same person… He’s funny, unintentionally.”

» Kellan on Rob: “I just like making fun of him.” And when he plays his guitar? “He transforms into this angel.”

You can read Joy's full report here.

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