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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Moon Family/Pack Crests, Tats & Seals

MSN asks Cameron Bright, who plays Alec about the pendant he is wearing for New Moon:

Your wardrobe, that pendant you’re wearing—do you know what those symbols are?
I don’t know, they just kind of slapped it on me. I know that’s a “V” for Volturi, I’m guessing? Because I’m a Volturi…I really have no idea what you’re asking. [Laughs.]

Does yours match Daniel’s?
The whole Volturi family has it because that’s their family seal. I don’t really know all of it.

{Volturi Seal via NMM}

And of course we are all familiar with the Cullen Family Crest...

...And have all seen the new Wolf Pack Tats:

Sweet! Looks like everyone will have their own marks!

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