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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stuck In Twilight Tuesdays

Here are the deets on how Stuck in Twilight Tuesdays got started:

OME...I don't know how many times my husband has asked me "Is your nose always stuck in those books?" or "Aren't you sick of that Blog yet?" or "How many times can you watch that movie?"

Well hubby, my answers are: "Yes...I mean I need to get my romance fix somewhere," "Hale No!" and "Many, many more times, so you better just get used to it." (Respectively)

Look's me...Stuck in Twilight...with EDWARD!...*sigh*

So, here are some others just like me, who feel my pain and are unapologetically Stuck in Twilight:

Megan said she is always stuck in Twilight: "So much so that I often catch my 4 year old daughter, Kendra, trying to "read" one of my books."
How stinkin' cute is that? Thanks Megan!

My Twilife Blog follower mtnums is also Stuck in Twilight!

My sis-in-law @TeAmmett gets the award for most creative this week! She even did mine for me! (Me and photoshop don't get along) As you can tell she is Team Emmett...I don't hold it against her! ;p

Thanks for supporting my obsession sis!

If you want to be part of next weeks Stuck in Twilight Tuesday email me a picture of you "Stuck in Twilight" to or send me a Twit Pic via Twitter.

1 comment:

<3 Emmett said...

Man...I have been looking for this post since I did them! I missed it! But I found it in the archives! Thanks! I LOVE IT!

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