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Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday's New Moon Comic-Con Panel Changed to 1:45pm

I found this info over @ TwiCrack:

The Thursday Comic-Con schedule has been changed, and the New Moon panel will now take place at 1:45 pm instead of during it's original time-slot after James Cameron's highly-anticipated Avatar panel.

Could concerns shared by people such as /Film blogger Peter Sciretta have spurred this change? Here's an excerpt of what Peter had to say about whether or not New Moon is gonna ruin comic-con:

Summit Entertainment’s panel takes place 15 minutes after the close of the Avatar presentation. Anyone who attended last year’s Comic-Con can attest to how much of a cluster-f*** was caused by Twilight’s presentation in Hall H. Hundreds of tweens and Twilight Moms/Dads camped overnight to be the first ones into Hall H. By the time the “normal people” began to line up hours before doors were set to open, thousands of Twilighters were already in line.

Hall H fits 6,000-6,500 people , yet many people were shut out of the opening 20th Century Fox panel, and when the Summit panel began you couldn’t even hear yourself think as four or five thousand Twilight fans screamed in unison. It was a bit sad seeing a 50-year-old Twilight Mom asking a 22-year old Robert Pattinson if he wears boxers or briefs, but Im not writing today to talk about that. When the Summit panel ended, Hall H rapidly emptied, as more than 80% of the people exited the building. The rest of the day/weekend became a lot less stressful. But a lot of the people that wanted to attend the early morning panel missed out.

Since I have not been to something like this (and yes, I am throwing myself a pity party right now, thankyouverymuch), I can only imagine how crazy it is, "cluster-f***" is probably a good way to describe it, especially since Rob, Kristen & Taylor are all going to be there again!

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