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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Twilight Stars at TwiCon Atlanta

Ashley & Kellan were in Atlanta for TwiCon, and Joy from was there. She shares some deets from her adventure:

Kellan is the master of the double entendre – he had the girls in fangirl spasms! – and Ashley is so unbelievably gorgeous. A recap of Kellan’s session:

What did he call Rob on set to make Rob flip him off?
“I called him another name for a cat.”»

He loves hanging out with Rob and pulling pranks on him!»

He made so many innuendos that I can’t repeat (because I know my mom is reading this!), and the fans just ate it up!»

Ashley seemed like Kellan’s polar opposite – instead of wandering around the stage, winking at fangirls and doing impressive physical feats, Ashley was calm and poised and so incredibly lovely.»

She called Rob a “phenomenal actor” and said he even gave her acting tips!»

What was it like kissing Kellan in Warrior? “Kind of weird kissing your friend!”

You can see all the pics here.
{via TwiCrack}

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