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Sunday, July 12, 2009

View Point Inn Asking for Help; Plus, Cullen Wedding there??

I already told you that the View Point Inn, where Edward and Bella had their prom, is for sale. Now they are asking for help to stay open, and petitioning that Edward & Bella's wedding be held there:

We need help keeping the door’s open.
Our roof is leaking. The chimney is falling down. We need some basic help keeping this great property open. Our goal is to get every person to donate just $1.

Just imagine how far that would take us in saving The View Point Inn. We need help with the historic preservation of this fantastic building.

Also, the View Point Inn has put together a petition for Bella and Edward to have their wedding at the location, despite the fact that in Breaking Dawn, the wedding takes place at the Cullen mansion.

You can see more at their website.

{Above Via Twilight Examiner}
Okay...I HAVE to know what you think. We all know that in Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella marry at the Cullen how do you feel about this petition to have them get married at the View Point Inn?? I am not so sure about this, I like movies to follow the book and I loved that they got married at the Cullen I don't think I would want them to get married here, ya know?! Please share your comments below:

1 comment:

S@mmy said...

They can't get married anywhere but the Cullen house!

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