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Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekend Tw-EYE Candy

Ok, so US Weekly's wet Rob pic really got me going...*ahem*...Wet is def one way I would want to see Rob. So it got me thinking, what other ways would I want to see Rob?

So for this weeks addition of Weekend Tw-EYE Candy, I am bringing you:

Top 10 ways I want to see Rob:

10. Shirtless (CHECK)

9. As he just wakes up (tossled hair, crooked boxers, sleepy eyes...*shudders*)

He already has his pants on...but you get the idea...

8. Piss Drunk (I have a thing with beer breath, hate beer, love beer breath)

7. All sweaty...outside...working in the sun (He can pull my weeds baby)

6. In his boxers, or briefs, or boxer briefs, hell even tighty whities!

Close but no cigar Rob!

Okay...maybe not the tighty whities...sorry Rob!

5. Jogging in the hot sun, sans shirt, sweat dripping down his chest...need a towel anyone?!

Wait...this isn't Rob... I know, but I don't think Rob I am throwing Team Emmett girls a bone here! (are you really going to complain?!)

4. Dirty..I mean all dirty...rolling in the wet sand...*shudders*...sorry lost myself there...

3. In nothing but Abercrombie boxer briefs and The Sexpenders

= adjectives I shouldn't even write here...

2. Holding a can of Whipped Cream...

It may be cliche but who the hell cares?! It is Rob holding a can of Reddi Wip people!

Aaaaand the Numero Uno way I want to see Rob

1. Laying on my floor...just like this:

(What, no Nakedness you ask?...Nah, too obvious. Plus, full frontal is not my forte)

Well there you have it, the Top 10 ways I want to see Rob...hope you enjoyed my shamless fantasies! Oh, and your Welcome! ;p

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Limey_1996 said...

Holy hotness! Cheers much.

TFIF!! Happy weekend to you 2 :D

My Twilife said...

You are very welcome!! Thanks for commenting you know I love me some comments!! Happy weekend right back!

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