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Friday, July 3, 2009

Introducing your Rob Obsession to your Mate: Twitarded Style

Ok, so you probably think I am obsessed with Twitarded, I mean how many posts have I done about them?!....well in my defense if you would read their f-ing hilarious stories you would understand!

Take their latest LMAO post: "Introducing Your Rob Obsession To Your Mate." It is freaking hilarious, I don't remember the last time I laughed out loud, cried tears of hysterical laughter at someones writing over and over and over....I mean why don't they have a book deal? OMG they would be best sellers for sure...(Have you thought about that girls?)

Anyway, I have often wondered about how to ease my hubby into allowing me to hang some Robilicious posters myself (my sister in law thinks I should hang one above our bed... OME *drooling*) Anyway, now Twitarded has given us the answer:

I've already managed to hang a few small pictures up in an attempt to ease ML into the HUGE Roblicisousness that is destined to come my way once STY finally relinquishes my copy of US Magazine's The Sexy Stars of Twilight special. STY always gets two copies of everything for us and, between you and I, I suspect she violates the shit out of my copy and keeps hers pristine [Note from STY - it's just gonna end up on the floor next to your toilet anyway - once denuded of the posters, natch - so I might as well have my way with it first...].

ML, darling that he is, considers this - seriously! - and replies, 'Well, that depends. Are they framed?'

For reals?! All I have to do is frame Robward's sexy face and I can wallpaper the computer room with them? I love that man. ML, that is. Okay, okay: RPattz, too. Don't make me choose, dammit. But don't tell ML, either.

Naturally, I text STY. ML doesn't understand that I have to relay EVERY conversation to her. He keeps telling me just to marry her and be done with it. The second one of us grows a penis, consider this done. Although we'll still keep the guys around because they've grown on us over the years. It's a really good thing he doesn't read this blog... : )

Priceless. I asked ML if I could hang pics of RPattz in the back room and he said it depended on whether they were framed.

To which she responds:
Oh if framing is a prerequisite [who the hell else uses that word in a text? Riddle me that, Robward] we are SO getting them framed.

Which was quickly followed by (because STY really is a smart cookie)

he doesn't know about the poster-filled mag, does he? LOL!

And no, he doesn't. Poor bastard.

Read the post in its hilarious entirety @ Twitarded


Jenny Jerkface said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm really surprised at how many S/O were okay with us ladies hang up the Robward, lol. And as soon as STY gives me my damn magazine, I intend to plaster the Lair with his beautiful face! LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

Tell everyone to vote for Twitarded as funniest blog. I think it would be great if a Twilight related site shows up in the top 5.

Remember you can vote once per day per e-mail. So all the working women can vote daily from home AND work.

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