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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Peter Heading to Atlanta: New Moon snippet

The Sunday Paper interviewed Peter Facinelli, who along with: Billy Burke, Catherine Hardwicke, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene are going to be at the Buckhead Westin in Atlanta for Creation Entertainment’s Twilight Tour.

“Are there any scenes from the books that you hope make it into the films?
For “New Moon,” there’s a scene with Bella (Kristin Stewart) where I stitch her up. I was excited to shoot that scene because it was a pivotal scene. It kind of sets up the whole reason why Rob’s character doesn’t want to change her into a vampire. I hope it stays in the movie because I feel like it’s essential and it’s a really nice scene for Carlisle and Bella; it’s an intimate thing. It’s a scene where a lot of information is being given and it shows another side of Carlisle, a soft side of him that I like. I’d be bummed if that was out. "

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