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Monday, September 14, 2009

Anna Kendrick Talks New Moon, Eclipse & Breaking Dawn!

HITFIX chatted with Anna while she was in Toronto promoting her new Movie Up in the Air:

Q: OK, the 'Twilight' questions you knew were coming. Did you shoot 'Air' after 'New Moon'

[Actually] I went to shoot 'New Moon' while I was still shooting 'Up in the Air.' I had to run back and forth.

Q: Was that hard?

It's funny because the characters are so different and I was wrapped up in Natalie world, but Jessica, the character that I play in the series, is such a silly girl it was almost like a little escape to go and just play and just monologue about nothing. Basically, I would go up to Vancouver and shoot a scene where something was [already] written, but [director] Chris Weitz would tell me to keep talking because we had to do all of it in one take as a 'walk and talk' and have it feel the space. So, he'd just tell me to say random stuff and it was like stretching in the middle of doing a marathon.

Q: Have you finished shooting 'Eclipse'?

I filmed a majority of what I do and I have like two more days left. My parts, the human characters get shrunk down [in "Eclipse"].

Q: Do you know if you'll be back for 'Breaking Dawn' if and when those movies happen?

It does feel like to us -- when I say 'us' I assume people know I'm referring to the human characters -- it feels like it's probably coming to a close. We appear in a dream sequence or one sequence in the book of of 'Breaking Dawn' so I don't know if we'll be back for it and we're only signed up for three, because the three books were only out when we made the first film. So, I don't know that we will be involved in 'Breaking Dawn,' but it's a really fun thing to go back to. Particularly when I go back for this short period of time it feels like I'm going back to summer camp and I'm seeing my friends from summer camp.

Q: You've dealt with three different directors this year. Has that been refreshing? Have you enjoyed it?

I am trying to pit them all against each other. I'm trying to get Jason and Chris Weitz in a fight, (Laughs.) No, it's so fun it's so interesting. I'm probably the luckiest girl on earth, let's be honest. It is really fun to work with everybody.

Read more here. She talks about her new movie "Up in the Air."

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randomreetie said...

so..she was given the freedom to "run back and forth" and film two movies at once, but Rachelle couldn't catch a break for 10 days? hmmm

My Twilife said...

That was my thought exactly, but I was going to let it go. But since you mentioned it...I think that is Bull Shit! I am still pissed about it!

Rob's Swiss Miss said... hypocrisy on the double-booked actresses issue. Rachelle will always be the bad vamp in my book.

Anna seems like a super cool chick. I think I remember other cast members saying she was always cracking them up. Love the comic relief ;)

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