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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Mindless Monday Y'all! Rob is Makin' Good Girls Go Bad!

Monday's are a drag...hard to get to help get your morning going I am bringing you Mindless Monday!

Don't expect anything enlightening...I mean come on...this is Mindless Monday!

Srsly, how can one be so f**k HAWT?!?! You made me go bad Rob....Real baaaaad....*thud*

And because Poor Some Sugar On Me always gets me hot & crazy and I want any one of the Twilight Boys to do it to me :

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Betti Gefecht, the addicted said...

Though I probably can't get any more mindless about Rob at all, I enjoyed the vids.
Mindless Monday Shout Out!!!

My Twilife said...

Aww Thanks Betti!! I know what you mean! LOL

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