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Friday, September 18, 2009

Eclipse Set Update: All Gather @ Jacob's House!

Malicious Mandy has a great update from the Eclipse set:

Judging by whose vehicles are there - there are only a few scenes they could have filmed.My best guess is when Carlisle comes to fix up Jacob's injuries. That is why his car is there. Bella arrives and goes into see Jacob.....

You can read the summary of this scene at Twilight Lexicon:

...the Quileutes managed to overcome their prejudices enough call in Carlisle. Edward was there too, and Charlie grudgingly admits to being pleasantly surprised by his solicitude for Jake. ...Bella arrives at La Push to find the Cullens gone and Jake awake....When Bella enters Jake’s room, he’s waiting for her, carefully composed.

Head over to Malicious Mandy's Blog to read more & see more set pics!

I am so jealous, totes wish I was close enough to stalk the set!

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