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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Michael Sheen To Be A Nightclub Owner.

MTV reports that Michael Sheen will play a night club owner in his new flick that is:

He's going to be exploring his more fun-loving side for his appearance in director Joseph Kosinski's "Tron Legacy." The "New Moon" star confirmed to that he will step into the role of a nightclub owner. The nightclub in question is a location which will factor into a large-scale scene featuring "hundreds of extras."

"My stuff was mainly in this amazing set that they built because I'm a nightclub host, so they built the nightclub and... it was one of those great scenes where there's just loads going on," he said. Sheen went on to describe some of the effects he's seen so far as being better than the "proof of concept" short that we saw coming out of San Diego Comic-Con this past summer.

Read more @ MTV.

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