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Friday, September 18, 2009

Two Lucky Extras Talk About Their New Moon Experience

MTV talked with two extremely lucky ladies who had the chance to be extras for New Moon's Italy scene:

Well, we were in the main scene in the piazza and they took different angles of Kristen running through the piazza and then running through the fountain and then running to Edward,” she said.

All of the red-caped extras were instructed to look directly at the church and a statue in front of them; but the action was so intense that they just couldn't listen to the director’s orders.

“All the action is happening behind us with Edward and Bella running and everybody is supposed to be looking toward the church and we have our hoods and we're all like this [looks backward] trying to sneak a peek at Edward and look at his abs” she said. “And the Italian director is screaming at us … and he's screaming 'Guardare la chiesa!' — 'Look at the church! Look at the church!'"

Read more at MTV.
Yes, I am extremely jealous right now....*pouts*

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