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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Edward, Bella, Charlie & The Shiny New Volvo on Eclipse Set

Some great pictures of Rob, Kristen & Billy on set:See more pics @ ROBsessed

What they have been filming according to Lainey:

Billy Burke was also on set shooting a scene from early in the film that takes place outside the police station.

“Bella” and “Edward” drive up in his Volvo. She’s all curious about sh- and demanding to know everything and he’s being cagy with his answers because what she doesn’t know might hurt her because she’s so fragile and pathetic and then “Charlie” comes out and they talk about the airline ticket and going away together.

Earlier this week, Pattinson was shooting vampire fights on the second unit while the main crew filmed Stewart with Taylor Lautner’s “Jacob” and his boys and Leah’s transformation is revealed.

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