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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday Twitter Assignment: #NewStoliShirt

The Holey Stoli

So, if you remember, I told you a while back about how Jen of sent Rob a Brand spankin' new Stoli shirt to replace his well worn Holey Stoli. (Don't remember that post, refresh your memory here.)

So, we are joining forces on Twitter, trying to get Rob to wear his new shirt by having a #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon!

Jen explains the goal of #NewStoliShirt Thursday:

The goal is to "send the message" to Rob so that he obliges us and wears the shirt and gets papped in it for all of us to smile at! To achieve this goal, we hope to get #NewStoliShirt into the Trending Topics on Twitter and/or receive a tweet from @PeterFacinelli or @AshleyMGreene acknowledging our goal and granting us their help in sending the message.

If you followed me and my twitter friends before & during the VMA's, we were hoping Rob would were his new shirt, but he did not...and Jen explains that this is her last attempt to get Rob to wear the #NewStoliShirt:

On a sad note, I must say the #NewStoliShirt adventure ends here. This is my one and only true rally for the New Stoli Shirt. If he doesn't wear it by this weekend, I'm officially hanging up my hat as Stoli-Master. So let's make this a weekend to remember! Thanks!

Whaaa?! You want me to wear the #NewStoliShirt?

So, lets all start tweeting #NewStoliShirt before & after every Tweet all day Thursday & lets all hope we see Rob in his #NewStoliShirt!

Don't have a twitter account? It is easy to sign up and you can do so here. You can follow me on twitter here and follow Jen here.

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