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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Twilight Parents Examiner's Interview with Rob's How To Be Director

For those of you like me, who are awaiting the US release of Rob's movie How to Be, you might be interested in this. The Twilight Parents Examiner interviewed Oliver Irving, the producer of How To Be, and he gives us some insight into Rob & his character Art:

How was Robert Pattinson chosen for the role of Art? Did his musical ability play a role in his casting?

We found him after a year and a half’s worth of casting calls. He just seemed the right person for the job. He was interesting to look at – but down to earth enough to play the part. He really seemed to “get it” – he knew people like the characters in the script, and understood the main character ‘ART’. Not having gone through drama school, Rob’s acting and response to direction fit in well with other main cast members who were not trained actors either. Rob actually underplayed his musical ability in the auditions, as he knew the character was meant to be rough around the edges when it comes to musical ability – but it actually was invaluable in the end that he understood the music references and had the technical ability to pull off what we were asking from him.

How much of the film tour’s success do you attribute to Pattinson?
A massive amount – he brought a huge audience to our film which is all you can ask of a lead star. I think also the amount of festivals we had played up until that point and the strength of support from our fans really made it all possible.

Thanks to the Twilight Parents Examiner for sending me the link to her awesome interview!
Read the rest here.

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