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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Attack of the Wolves Part 3: Chaske Spencer

Not sure how I missed this...but here is Vanity Fair's third and final part of Attack of the Wolves with Chaske Spencer:

You said in your Twitter feed: “I love being a wolf!”
[Laughs] I like my role. When I was a kid, I was into the Anne Rice novels, but I never got to discover werewolves until this. What I like is that it’s given me a new body, actually. The workouts and all of that stuff—who doesn’t want to be a werewolf? (It’s tongue-in-cheek when I say stuff like that.)

Let’s do some wordplay. Please give one word to describe each of the actors you work with in New Moon, starting with:

Alex Meraz [“Paul”].

Bronson Pelletier [“Jared”].

Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].

Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”].

Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”].

Kiowa Gordon [“Embry Call”].

Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”].

Read it all at VF.

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