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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Twilife Contest: Win a 'New Moon' Tee From Cafepress!

As you are all very well aware...New Moon is ONE MONTH AWAY! *SQUEEE*

In celebration of that, I am hosting another giveaway!! And since you are going to need something to wear to the New Moon Premiere...I have your back!! :)

Cafepress has donated a New Moon Tee (of your choice) for you to win & (of course) wear to the New Moon Premiere on 11/20/09!

Here is all you need to do to enter:

Leave a comment below with your name and email address and include a link to your favorite New Moon t-shirt from CafePress.

Here is the link to the Twilight/New Moon merchandise at CafePress:

I will use to choose the winner, Contest Ends 10/25/09 & I will announce the winner 10/26/09. 1 Entry per person!

Pick wisely! Whatever link you leave will be the shirt you will win! Good Luck!


PDXSparkler said...

Name: Kendra Bansch


And I have to go with this shirt, because it's true and I am in fact a brunette!

Anonymous said...

Sharon Walker

Lori said...

So hard to just choose one! I want so many!

Anyways...this one I like

Lori Gutierrez

IWant2BeAMom said...

Heather Roberts

This one is my fave. Motorcycles are awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is my fav so far!

Marissa Herbst said...

Love it!!

Marissa Herbst

Stephanie Sare said...

If I had to choose just one, it'd be:

Stephanie Sare

Stephanie Sare said...

Oops forgot my email:

Jenna said...

Name: Jenna Ravnestad

Thanks for the contest!

Hanna said...

Name: Hanna

Thanks! (:

itsjustme said...

Name: Jeanette

Thank you!

Tenneil said...

Name: Tenneil

How cool... thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Name : Lynn Pryor
Email :
Hard choice! But here's my link :

Anonymous said...

My name is Chelsea
Email -

I spent an hour looking through the tshirts and I chose this one
Thanks :)

Fe Pattz said...

name: Fernanda

Tks :)

Kullen79 said...

name: Kendall

Anonymous said...

Name - Chelsea

Why can't I love both?
Go team Jedward
Team Jakeward!

Anonymous said...

Name Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Name: Anna Ellis

Shirt link:

<< Size large


Thanks so so so much!! Nov 20th can't come quick enough!!!!!!!

leish_nz said...

Name - Aleisha Kahotea
Email -

hard choice but ill go with

TeAmmett said...

I would say...I can't decide between...I <3 my Monkey Man! With the cute little monkey...or...Forks, Washington (vintage)... If I win surprise me!
Probably a medium or large


Mandy said...

Name: Mandy Yang
(i want a hooded sweatshirt or a Maternity T-Shirt, suprise me !!!)
thank u so so so much for doing this ! ur so kind ! thank u !!!
ps. twilight rulez !!!

mandy said...

sorry , its mandy again, i just want the hoodie sweats ! thank u sososososososo much !

Natalie said...

Natalie Williams

Thanks! You rock!

RobstenLovex said...

I would LOVE This!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey chick!

Anonymous said...

Chasity Willis,425730432

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