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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daniel Cudmore Talks Tossing Edward Around & His Take on Felix

One of my Affiliates, The Twilight Parents Examiner, emailed me about her chance to chat with Daniel Cudmore who plays Felix in New Moon. Here are my favorite parts from her interview:

The burning question posed by fans who adore both Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: Which did you enjoy more- throwing around Wolverine or Edward Cullen?

No question about that one. “I definitely enjoyed throwing around Edward,” Daniel booms. “Wolverine was one toss.”

Daniel went on about working with Robert in the fight scene, and is proud of the fact that Robert took on a lot of the work himself.

“Robert and I worked together on a lot of it. He was a little apprehensive at first, but he enjoyed himself. Robert did one of the main sections of the fight.”

Fortunately, Daniel and stunt man Simon had worked together on AVPR previously, so their rapport was intact. “Simon took some pretty hard hits on the ground, especially the ones where I'm throwing him on the floor from six feet above.”

When I asked if he created the illusion of slamming him from six feet above, making for a softer blow, Daniel simply chortled in response. “No, he took some really hard hits,” he said. “He was a good sport.”

Purist Twilight Saga fans can relax. Daniel worked hard to find the proper inspiration behind the rage in Felix, considering that the books provide little reference. Having Stephenie Meyer nearby to bounce ideas off of made for the perfect scenario.

“I read as much as I could to try and build the back-story, but it was great having her on set. I asked Stephenie as much as I could, and it all worked its way out. It made me much more confident.”

Daniel’s interpretation of Felix: “He has so much rage and jealousy, but an enjoyment of his rage and his anger of not having powers like the others.”

Read the entire interview HERE.

Thanks Kimberly! :)

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