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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Moon Soundtrack Details From Billboard Film & TV Music Conference

Yesterday was the Billboard Film and TV Music conference in Beverly Hills, and Moon from Letters to Twilight WAS THERE...and she MET Chris Weitz...


Here is a little of what she learned while there:

There were themes (musical) created for for each character. IE one for Bella, one for Bella and Edward, one for Jacob

To reflect the confusion in Bella’s mind after Edward leaves, at times the “Edward” and “Jacob” themes are “blurred” together to help created “subliminal confusion” in her mind

Jacob’s “theme” features electric guitar. Alexandre used a guitar that sounded very similar to an Indian sitar and Chris jokingly reminded him that Jacob is Native (Indian) American not Indian from India

The score will not featuring any of Carter Burwell’s score. (I’ll expound more on this decision in a later post)

And the most important info: Chris wore a lot of olive and tan. He was in full on DILF mode with cargo pants, striped socks (i love a good sock!), some sort of olive sweater and a leather man purse. Work it Chris, WORK IT!

She has so much more info and deets on meeting Chris, so PLEASE go to Letters To Twilight and read her whole account.

Billboard has a great, LONG article on the New Moon Soundtrack (read the whole thing here). Here are some of my favorite parts from Billboard's write up:

...Each song is exclusive to the soundtrack, as-yet-unreleased, and most were written specifically for the movie, remixed or given new lyrics to fit the film's themes. "I was very inspired by the John Hughes movies of the '80s, which made me listen to indie rock bands that probably weren't meant for 13-year-olds: Yello, the Psychedelic Furs, New Order," says music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, who also produced the album, as she did for the soundtrack to "Twilight." "Hopefully we can create a similar moment in time for 2009 teenagers."

As for the film itself, there's more music in it than "Twilight"; it features roughly 20 cues, Weitz says. "The movie has a lot of spots for music and a lot of spots for score, and we're trying to ride a very delicate balance and not make it wall-to-wall carpeting," he says. "I think there is a threat to modern film in that there's not enough silence. And so it's very rare you actually get to hear the entire song played out." The one song that does play in full during the film, he says, is Yorke's "Hearing Damage," which underscores a fight scene.

So to address the question fluttering in a million teenage girl hearts: Why does Pattinson not make an appearance on the second soundtrack?

The answer: He didn't want to. (Sorry, girls.) "We asked if Rob wanted to do it, but his music is kind of his private stuff in a way-as opposed to this huge public dazzle on him on the moment," Katz says. "We wanted to respect that. If he comes to us on the third one and he wants to do something, then we would obviously be delighted."

Here's to hoping Rob contributes to the Eclipse Soundtrack! *raises glass*

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