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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chris Weitz Wants Us To Cry Like Babies!

From People:
"We've tried our best to deliver on the romantic scenes in the film, and I would like to be able to produce more tears than any movie before, if possible," Weitz told PEOPLE at the Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards Monday of capturing moments in the Twilight saga's love triangle. "If we could only weigh them with some kind of cubic tear measure!"

I know I will be bawling like a little baby during this movie...How could I not...this book is heartbreaking...

Heartbreaking I tell you!!!! Just Heartbreaking...the whole thing... (until the end)

1 comment:

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I plan on sobbing for a variety of reasons (emotional pain, and glorious joy of shirtless mancandy, among others). And I'm admittedly an emotional stone. I hope nobody sees me ;)

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