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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VF Interview with Kiowa Gordon: Attack of the Wolves Part 2!

Yesterday I posted the interview with Alex Meraz as part one of Vanity Fair's Attack of the Wolves, and today Kiowa Gordon is up. VF learned that he had never acted before this movie (huge bonus landing this role) and that Stephenie Meyer herself handpicked him for the role of Embry:

New Moon is your first film. What was the casting process like?

They had an open casting call here in Phoenix, and I auditioned. I was going tochurch with my mom out in Cave Creek, and Stephenie Meyer goes to church with her. She kind of helped me out on that one.

What’s it been like filming the third installment, Eclipse?

It was a lot more fun being with the guys this time around. We already knew each other, had new stuff to talk about, a new director, and we actually had some scenes with the Cullens [the saga’s main vampire clan].

Give me one word to describe each actor:

Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”].

Bronson Pelletier [“Jared”].
[Laughs] Jokester!

Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”].

Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].

Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”].

Chaske Spencer [“Sam Uley”].

Read the whole interview at VF.

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