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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vanity Fair Catches up with Dr. Cullen, a.k.a. Peter Facinelli

Vanity Fair has a "Twilight Watch" going on and this time they caught up with PFach in NYC where he is filming Nurse Jackie.

I love the one answer questions they do, it is so interesting to see what the cast has to say about one another. Here is what Peter had to say about the Cullen's:

Speaking of family, will you please give me one word to describe each of the Cullen clan actors starting with Kellan Lutz?
Ok. [Laughs] Goofy!

Nikki Reed:

Jackson Rathbone:

Kristen Stewart:

Elizabeth Reaser:

Ashley Greene:
Pixie-ish, she’s like a fairy—she’s so light on her feet. Bubbly, that’s the word.

Rob Pattinson:
Mmm, Rob. Rob’s a good one. It’s hard to narrow down to one. So many words come to mind! Brooding, tortured … but he’s a good kid. What’s the word for a solidly good guy?

Solid. He is. He’s solid.

Finally, what your word of the day?

Read the whole interview here.

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