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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twitarded Started a Meme and I have been Tagged!

Found this image when I googled Meme:
I felt it was appropriate considering I sometimes feel like I am married to the blogosphere! :)

The wonderful and hilarious girls over at Twitarded decided it was time all us Twilight bloggers got to know a little more about one another (I think this was such a great idea) so they started a Meme & I was tagged by Annie & Cutie!! (thanks girls ;))

Not sure what a Meme is? Don't worry I didn't know either...but Cutie looked it up:

4 : in blogspeak, an idea that is spread from blog to blog
as defined on urban dictionary

Okay...on with the show! Here are the questions STY & JJ from Twitarded came up with:

1) What is the craziest/most stupid thing you've ever done (that you would be willing to share!)?2) One my personal favorite games: Fuck, Marry, Kill. With the Twilight cast. I can't wait to read these! (Or "Eff, Marry, Kill" if you don't have my potty mouth.)**
3) What is your favorite band/type of music?
4) What is your favorite movie besides Twilight?
5) Do you RL life family/friends know you’re addicted to Twilight? A blogger?
6) How many hours a week do you spend doing Twi related things? You know, blogging, looking at pictures of the cast, reading fan fiction, etc.
7) Any random fact you might want to share. Big or small, it doesn't matter.

Ok Here I go *clears throat & hopes her family isn't reading this*:

1) Hmmm I would have to say the time me and the hubster got totally shitfaced at his cousin's wedding and got it on in the janitors closet at the wedding reception! Good times! :)

**God, I hope none of my family reads this *bites nails*

2) OOOHHH I love this question! *rubs hands together*
Eff: Emmett-I would love to smash some houses with him ;)

Marry: Edward...He is my perfect man...*sigh*

Kill: First I thought Bella, because you know I would need to get her out of the way, but I like to believe that if Edward were REAL and I was SINGLE ;) one look would be all it would take for him to ditch then I decided on Aro..he really annoys the shit out of me!

3) I like all kinds of favorite band of all time? Aerosmith, I have so many memories rocking out to Big Ones with my high school friends! Lately though I have been getting into indie rock...I like the mellow sounds!

4) Hmmm this is a hard one...I would have to go with Dirty Dancing. My grandma introduced me and my cousins to it when we were little and I have loved it ever since!

5) Most of my friends do (the real close ones that I trust with my secrets) Practically all my family knows...I drive them all crazy with my constant talk of all things Twilight! ;) I feel it is my job to keep them informed whether they want to be or not!

6) I honestly don't even want to keep a record of all the hours I spend on my blog and reading all the other Twi-blogs! It would be embarrassing to know the real number...I am scared of it!

7) I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (a type of Cancer) in March 2008, two months after I had my son...I am all clear and healthy now (Praise God!) & I feel like if I can beat that, I can do anything!

Ok now who to tag *taps head* *clears throat* I pick:

Thinking of Rob
According to My Sources
Eyes of Amber
Rob My World

Want to see what the other blogs answered? Check out Cutie's post over at Super Secret Twilight Blog for a list of those who have been tagged!


cutie said...

Firstly, my friend is battling cancer right now, going through their third round of chemo/stem cell. Our motto: EFF Cancer!! Truly, God is good and I am so glad to hear a victory story! *dabs at tears*

Okay enough of that. Holy crap a janitors closet! Bwahhaha sounds like a good time cleaning? LOL

And I almost picked Aro as well. Great pick for sure. =D

My Twilife said...

Thanks Cutie! Tell your friend to NEVER lose hope and to keep positive and I will keep her in my prayers!! It is hard, but God is good!!

And yes, it was a good time err cleaning *wink*

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I am glad to hear you feel better and beat that shit!

*sigh* I love Dirty Dancing, I mean really love it.

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