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Friday, October 30, 2009

Is There Meaning Behind The Volturi Thrones?

My Twilife reader, Brenda, emailed me a question about the Volturi Thrones and I am not sure, so thought I would throw it out there.
Is there meaning behind the circular symbols above the Volturi's Chairs? Each one is different. Or, are we just looking into it too much?

Have you heard anything about this before?

Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Your not over thinking it, I think they have meaning too, I just can't figure them out like you! They have to mean SOMETHING

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has to do with how high their "rank" in the family is?? Such as Leader, 2nd in command and so on..

Anonymous said...

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chickahorse said...

They reflect the personalities of each of the leaders. If you notice, Caius' circle looks somewhat thorny, like his personality. I believe Marcus' is jade, which I attribute to his softer side, and Aro's looks to be some type of agate, which I don't know what it means. LOL Maybe that he's a multi-colored crazy person. HAHA

Shandra said...

I think that it has something to do with their origins, or maybe even the times that they were changed. Aro was changed in 1300 B.C., which makes him over 3000 years old. (I'm too lazy to do the exact math.) In that time period, Agate was used for jewelry, and was the most common and cheapest type of building material.

Caius', made of a thorns, reflects his unforgiving attitude. Since being attacked by werewolves, and nearly hunting them to extinction, I think that he'd become 'thorny', and encased all of the way around.

Marcus' jade I would think stands for nonchalant attitude. Jade is a gem often used to distinguish love. Since he had the greatest love of all time, and lost the greatest love of all time, I have a feeling that he's trying to hold on to as much of Didyme as he can.

Just some of my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

they are occult symbols. The one on the right resembling necronomicon's symbol.

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