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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dakota Fanning Talks Playing the Evil Jane in 'New Moon'.

EW's Popwatch talked with Dakota Fanning about playing evil Volturi member Jane in New Moon:

Your character, the Volturi member Jane, is terrifying. Was it fun to play evil?

Yeah. It’s one of the first times that I’ve done that. And this is a character that really takes pleasure in causing people pain. And that’s kind of a fascinating character to get to play. So that was definitely one of the reasons that I wanted to do it.

Are people reacting to you differently now that they’ve seen you play a villain?

I guess people and fans of the series that have seen me in the movie will see me in a different way, but I think that’s what being an actor is. It’s getting to manipulate yourself to fit characters. I think your job is to be a blank canvas and take on your characters, so that’s what I love doing. And I love getting to play all different kinds of people. And, yeah, surprise people with my red eyes, I guess.
Those were creepy. Were they actual contacts?

They’re hand-painted contacts. I’ve never worn anything in my eyes before, so it was definitely a feeling I’d never experienced. But they have someone to put them in and take them out. You can kind of feel them. But you get used to it after a while.

Did they help you get in character?
Yeah, I think you automatically have kind of a creepy look to you no matter what you’re doing or saying, so it definitely helps.

Read the rest at EW.

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