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Monday, November 23, 2009

MTV Explains The New Volvo Color, The Cliffhanger Ending & More

I know we have all wondered why Edward's Volvo changed colors for New Moon, and I know I had mixed feelings about the ending of New here are some explainations from Chris Weitz himself:
Edward's Chameleon-Esque Car

If his lousy parking job distracted you, perhaps you didn't notice that when Edward pulled into Forks High, his famed Volvo was no longer gray, as it was in the novels and the first movie. Hey, Chris Weitz, what gives? "I've taken a real spanking for this, a lot of heat," the director explained. "I'll tell you exactly why: Volvo wanted to give us a new, different car so I didn't want to paint it exactly the same silver color, because then [Twilighters] would be saying, 'Why are they trying to say that it's the same car; it's obviously not.' So, I thought, 'Well, I'll choose a new color!' And I thought I would choose slate black, not a reflective black, because it actually absorbs light and it would reflect the mood and melancholy and depression [of his character]. I know I got it wrong, I apologize for that. But that is my reasoning."

The Final Line

As you now know, "New Moon" ends with a very special proposal. But since it was different in Stephenie Meyer's novels, who decided to move it? "My thought was initially to save that for the next movie, because that movie's all about the triangle and Edward's proposal to Bella and her debate about whether to do it or not," Rosenberg explained, giving the credit to Weitz. "Chris realized — and I think rightly so — that belonged here. And it was a great way to go out of the movie."

more about Victoria, Taylor, and Bella's Dream about her Gran at MTV!

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Rob's Swiss Miss said...

I was at the midnight showing. And I sat there stunned at the ending. I thought the power went out or something! But, looking back, I think it was a cool ending to keep us anticipating Eclipse.

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