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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I LOVED New Moon & Here's Why!


First of all, New Moon really exceeded my expectations...I mean when you have Twilight to base it off of, which lets be real, wasn't all that it should have been, what do you expect? Chris Weitz is a GENIUS and I hope to GAWD he directs Breaking Dawn!!

Some of the many things that made me go all fan girl during New Moon:

The breakup scene:
When Edward leaves Bella in the book I was shocked and felt her pain, and the movie made me do that as well. I cried, I did, I felt the hole in her heart like it was in my own. And, I wanted to punch Edward in the face.

Jacob & Bella's Chemistry: First off, yes, I am team Edward, I would totally choose him too. But, when I read New Moon (the second time) I really felt for Jacob and my heart broke for him. I wanted the movie to do that too, and it did, and more....I really did consider switching teams...ok don't kill me, but I mean come on...did you see him in the movie? Did you feel how much he loves Bella? Did it rip your heart out when Bella tells him (in his wolf form) not to make her choose, that she would choose Edward, that it was always him? Did it make you cry when he runs away? (Relax, I am Team Edward, but understand how she could love them both)

The Almost Kisses:
Of course when I saw the still of the Almost kiss I was all "you better not have them kiss in New Moon" but when it was almost happening, a part of me wanted them to go for really kiss...and I didn't think that was possible! And all the times Bella hugs Jacob and especially when she pushes her fist lightly into his abs in her bedroom....DIE! Again...don't kill me, but I am actually looking forward to their kiss in Eclipse! (I know, right?!)
The Werewolves:
Seriously, they rocked! In human and wolf form! I was actually scarred of them when I first saw them! They were right on the mark! And the scene at Emily's house was a must! I loved seeing them all together like the pack they are and seeing Sam's love for Emily! :)
Alice Comes Back:
That scene had me...I teared up when Bella threw herself at Alice for that hug. Did you feel the feelings that Bella was feeling? I did! Were you totally stoked at how perfect that scene was with Bella & Alice and then Bella, Alice & Jake? I was! ***(I did wish they would have had the scene between Charile & Alice where they talk about Bella & Edward)***

Edward's Call to The Swan's:
I was totally happy with how that scene played out! Seeing Edward's reaction when Jake told him Charilie was planning a funeral was heartbreaking. When he crushed that phone...AWESOME touch!
The whole Volturi Scene:
This was perfect for me! Aro was amazing as was Jane and the rest of the Volturi! I really felt the fear Bella must have had at that moment! And when she says she would take Edward's place in dying...perfect!

The months:
I LOVED LOVED LOVED how they went through the depression months! The whole thing...that we "saw" them passing, how she was at her window in the same place during the months passing, how life outside was going on...the song 'Possibility' playing...PERFECT! Kudos Chris!
The humor:
I thought the humor was really placed well and appropriate! I laughed out loud at many parts! Charlie cracked me up! As did Jacob & Bella! Many parts had me laughing! I loved that!

The Song placement:
One word: perfect!
The acting
The acting was awesome if you ask me! Taylor did indeed bring it as promised! And Kristen was amazing portraying Bella, I really felt Bella's depression! Awesome all around!

I loved the movie....can you tell?! I am still having mixed feelings about the ending...only because I didn't want it to end. It was so abrupt.....but now I can't wait for Eclipse?

Who's got the Eclipse countdown banner?! ;)

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment about what you loved or didn't love about the movie!


Anonymous said...

i love your post ^

look at this... critics were slamming New Moon
this is one thing they said..
Burr also says that the film favors werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner) than vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson).

"When he's onscreen, Pattinson’s Edward is all emo posturing under a trembling bouffant - the actor suddenly seems to be embarrassed to be here," says Burr. "Lautner's performance, by contrast, has the warmth of an actual human."

the warmth of an actual human... hm.. he is a vampire. He's suppose to act like a vampire..
All emo posturing- hello! he just broke the heart of the girl he loves!

people these days.. if you're going to bash on New Moon, atleast come up with something that makes sense.

Mason&Toni said...

Oh my gosh I totally agree with your thread.

I loved New moon Every thing about it!

I have mixed feelings cause it seemed to go fast even though it was 2 hours long, but then I am glad it did cause they fit soooooo MUCH in.
I didnt feel like they changed sooo much and left so much out like I did with Twilight.

I loved the Kissing they seemed like they were in love ( twilight they never seemed in love to me ) , I loved the humor it brought the movie to life, acting was sooo much better, although i have to say Jacob was kinda weird in a few places the things he said and stuff was just how he said it kinda came off gay... IDK like when he says Dont get me upset things will get very ugly. ahh I dont know just rubbed me the wrong way LOL.
But yes my heart broke when edward left and broke again cause i felt sooo bad for Jacob.

and can I just say how exciting it is to think we only have to wait till June for eclipse!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

RaShell said...

I only saw it today, so now I can comment ;) I agree with you on pretty much everything. Movie was very beautiful, mostly heartbreaking and well done on all parts. I still have a HUGE bone to pick with their makeup and wardrobe people. How can they possibly make gorgeous actors/actresses like Nicki, Ashley and Jackson look so freaky and unattractive is beyond me. Tired, thirsty and devastated Edward walking to the Volturi was the most "natural" he was in the whole movie (read - without this awful red lipstick) and it was a beautiful sight.
That said, I repeat, I loved the movie, I'll certainly see it again at some point :) Thanks for the great review and perfect stills to go with it :)

Buggles_Momma said...

New Moon was amazing, I cannot say enough good things about it. Chris Weitz was amazing, it was sooooo much better than Twilight! I agree with everything you said, and Kristen? OH MY GOD, she is such a good actress! The wolf pack was amazing, the CGI involved with the wolf pack was amazing! My husbands favorite parts were with the wolf pack, and he laughed at how Paul & Jake were friends again after, lol. I love how they showed Sam & Emily's love, that was adorable, so cute. This movie was absolutely amazing!

Anonymous said...

Refreshing to read this! Everyone usually has a ton of bad stuff to say, not u! Love it!!

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