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Friday, November 27, 2009

My Twilife Giveaway: Win A 'Twilight' Inspired Charm!

Stephanie, of Brighid's Forge, makes lovely handmade 'Twilight' Inspired Charms and she has been kind enough to give away one of her charms to a lucky My Twilife reader!

Here is what she said about her pieces: Do you run with vampires or are you a member of the Pack? These are popular small Sterling silver charm/pendant/keychain pieces, with a variety of sayings inspired by the incredibly popular "Twilight" saga by Stephenie Meyer.

She also has several other "Twilight" inspired pieces such as rings, pendants and cuffs which are available in sterling, copper and brass. They're found in the Movies/Pop Culture section. Go check them out!

Here is what you need to do to enter:

Become a Follower of my Blog (if you aren't already)

Visit Stephanie's Etsy Store, pick out your favorite charm & saying

Leave a comment with your name, email address and link to your favorite charm. Be sure to include the saying you want. (Available phrases found here)

International readers, you are welcome to enter as well! :)

Good Luck!

**You will be assisgned a number according to the order of comments and a winner will be chosen using The contest winner will be announced Friday, December 4th so get your comments in by 10:00 pm EST 12/3/09. Please only one entry per person.**


Princess Aurora said...

I am a follower

My Favorite charm is

My Favorite Saying is Be Safe.


Mrs. Vanquish said...

I'm a follower and sooo want to have this charm :)
I love the Be Safe one ...

sari.i. said...

:) I'd love the "la tua cantante" on. :)

bierbeck said...

I am already a follower

I like the saying Runs with Vampires

Jenna said...

I think I'm a follower? I don't know what that means XD I have your blog on rss and follow your twitter, does that count? :P


I like the 'La Tua Cantante' phrase :)


Jilly Bean said...

I just became a follower. I like the Runs with Vampires charm. My email is

Meg said...

I want mine to say Animal Attack! ;-)


Buggles_Momma said...

Already a follower, love your blog :)

I like a charm that says " <3 forever <3 " in the Kismet lower case font with a Raw Silk finish and a one centered peircing.

My email is and my name is Crystal

Luce_Cullen said...

I'm a follower :)


Saying: "Law Tua Cantante" please :D

shahira // iya said...

hey, just be a follower

saying; vampire girl
thanks =)

Annie said...

Hello! You know I'm a follower, girl (on both Twitter accounts, natch!).

And I think you know the charm I want... *cough*DANGER MAGNET*cough*


Thank you! :D

Cheryl said...

These are so cute!!

With "la tua cantante"

marie said...

I'm definitely a follower!

And the phrase that I would pick is: "la tua cantante" I have a shirt with that exact phrase on it. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure i'm already a follower if that means Rss & Twitter
The copper with the Twilight style font saying <3 Forever <3

itsjustme1217 said...

Already a follower.


copper- "our corner of forever"

carolina said...

i'm a follwer :)

My favorite saying is "La tua cantante"

Carolina Chaves

One Pushy Fox said...

So, new follower here! :)

My name is One Pushy Fox at

I like with the phrase "la tua cantante"

btw, my veri-word is "froid" (cold in French) - funny!!

sparkle for twilight said...

Omg these are so cute! I love these with "team edward" in the romance fatal serif font! Thanks for hosting this contest!


cutie said...

I totally thought I was already following you!? For shame! *blushes* Okay that's fixed. Okay that's fix now. This is all.

Tesha Alise Cullen said...

I am already a follower, I (runs with the Vamps) please pick me.

Tesha Alise Cullen said..., oops forgot this. thanks.

IWant2BeAMom said...

Love the Runs With Wolves!

Thanks for the contest!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is this one:

Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

I'm a follower.

I love this one

in raw silk finish, Romance Fatal Serif, all lowercase

"our corner of forever"

of course, you know my email is

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