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Friday, November 20, 2009

Fan Account of The 'New Moon' Gala Screening in Toronto

My Twilife reader Brenda was lucky enough to attend the 'New Moon' Screening at the Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Canada. She shares her experience:

Well it was the perfect setting - the skies were cloudy and the rain continued most of the day. The Cullens would have been right at home in Toronto last night.

Our Gala screening in Toronto of Twilight Saga - New Moon was set in what has to be one of the most magical theatre's in the world - the Winter Garden Theatre. An old vaudeville house that was only recently re-wired for sound and screenings.
Prior to the screening, we entered the theatre to the music from the soundtrack and then were treated to an on stage appearance by Billy Burke (Charlie) and Justin Chon (Eric), with a brief Q&A by one of the host's of ET Canada. Some of the questions included "what do you do in you off time" - Billy answered he has a 16 month old daughter, so she is occupying his time, Justin likes to surf and owns two shoe and clothing stores, so Billy piped in and wondered where were the free shoes and that's when Justin offered shoes for Billy's daughter. "What happens on set" - both actors knew they had smaller roles , so Justin made fun of the fact that his scenes all took place in the cafeteria, and Billy joked about the fact that nothing really happens on set, their not having big parties, it's long days and lots of work.

Both were happy to be in Toronto. (Side note - since there were numerous Canadian actors in the film, including Rachelle Lefevre, Bronson Pelletier, Graham Greene, I was rather disappointed none of them were there)

After the screening - which by the way I was totally blown away by Michael Sheen - is there no role this man cannot do! He is fantastic (actually there is no word good enough to describe his talent) - very creepy, very eery - one look from his Aro and you would be dead! Also, Taylor L - what a great performance, so heartfelt, so dead on perfect!! I think lots of people will be surprised by him. (not just his physical transformation) Loved how the human characters had all the sarcastic dialogue.

We were treated to a reception where Band of Skulls performed and we were all given personalized gift bags, which included a mini poster, the soundtrack and bookmark. A draw prior to the screening gave some people a meet and greet with Billy and Justin and others a meet and greet with Band of Skulls.

Thanks so much for sharing Brenda!

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