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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kirsten Prout Talks 'Eclipse' & Her Role as Lucy

Pop Eater talked with Kirsten Prout, who will be playing Lucy in Eclipse, about her role in the film & got her to reveal as many details as she was allowed:

I actually wanted to ask you about the audition process. Did you go after this one? Did you get the call?

"I just got the call. I went for one of the other vampires, Bree, and the vampire Bree is supposed to be thirteen years old with very short brown hair. So physically I was absolutely wrong for the part. But I went in, and the casting director and the director liked me so much that they said, 'OK, you know what? We have another part.' So they fit me in through that audition, into Lucy, who is also a newborn vampire, and she actually is the one who turns Jasper, which is interesting. The thing about Lucy is that she has long blond hair and very very pale blue eyes and skin, so physically I was a big match for Lucy. I went in for one more audition for Lucy and I ended up showing up on set a few days later."

From what I recall, Lucy is described, but you don't actually see a lot of that right?

"The thing is, if you read the book, it's done in a very different way. In the book, it's kind of a flashback. In the book she's more of a vampire who...she was just kind of part of turning Jasper, whereas in the movie, it's kind of featured, and it's actually a scene, and Lucy is a lot more prominent in turning Jasper, so it's a bit different. But I can't tell you much." [laughs]

Yeah, I'm sure that non-disclosure agreement was 'huge'!

"Oh my god! You should have seen it! My agent was like, 'Yay, you've got the part. You just have to come in and sign a couple things.' I went in and there was this stack on the desk that was bigger than my entire head! And I was like, 'Holy crap!'" [laughs]

Because the character is being done a bit differently than it was in the book, did you have any leeway to create the character? Everyone else has a pretty detailed character description.

"I think we've all played vampires differently. The way I think about it, everyone is so different. I think about how some people express their hunger, some people express love, some people express all there emotions, they have these certain characteristics that, when they're hungry or when they love something, their reaction to it is so different, so playing a vampire was interesting for me. Because who's the authority on what it's like to smell blood?"

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