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Monday, November 23, 2009

My Twilife's Exclusive Interview with 'Hurricane Bells'

You may have heard of a little song called 'Monsters' from the New Moon Soundtrack. Well, I had the pleasure of interviewing the man behind the song, Steve Schiltz, of Hurricane Bells.

I had a great time chatting with Steve, he was very nice and down to earth! It was very interesting and quite amazing to find out that Steve created 'Monsters' and his entire album, 'Tonight is the Ghost' by himself on his laptop!

Here is what Steve had to say about that, and much more:

Steve Schiltz: Yeah, I actually made the Hurricane Bells record by myself on my laptop. When I heard the song on the movie, I was so excited! As I was listening I could hear the flaws with the drums in the background, and I thought wow, they actually took it as it was! I thought that was awesome, unbelievable.

My Twilife: What was your reaction when you found out you were selected for the Soundtrack?

Steve Schiltz: When I found out about it possibly being used, they sent me a clip of the movie and needed an edit of the song, they wanted the instrumental part to be little longer for when Edward walks on screen. So I had to send them a couple edits. When I found out, I couldn't tell anyone. I don't know if you remember, but about a week before the soundtrack was announced there was a lot of speculation about who was going to be on it, and that same week I got the clip it was actually very nerve wracking! I thought maybe it was not happening because I couldn't tell anyone about it. But it all worked out.

My Twilife: When you knew you were chosen, what did you do to celebrate?

Steve: When I really found out that it was happening, I went out to dinner with my girlfriend. Oh, and I bought myself a guitar that I have been using to play shows with Hurricane Bells. I really had to start planning and thinking about playing shows, it all happened so fast.

My Twilife: How has your life and or your schedule changed since all this happened?

Steve: Before the movie, I had made a record 'Tonight is the Ghost' and I had extra songs, and 'Monsters' was one of those. Before this happened I had planned to put my record out and get videos together. Then the movie happened and now it is the only thing I am working on. I put my record on iTunes and now we are trying to get a physical record out.

My Twilife: So, I saw that you got to attend the L.A. Premiere of New Moon. How was that? How was it hearing your song?

Steve with Justin Chon @ New Moon Premiere (Photo Source)

Steve: Yes, I did go to the premiere in L.A. When I saw it, I got goosebumps! I was with my manager and I was like "This is it! It is coming!" When it was playing, people clapped when Edward came on, but the real moment for me was right before Edward came on screen! I knew it was coming and I had goosebumps!

My Twilife: I can imagine! That must have been such a cool moment!

My Twilife: So, do you have any shows scheduled?

Steve: We will probably do some shows in February or March, somewhere around that time. And I did do the mall shows! [For the New Moon Hot Topic Tour]

Hurricane Bells @ Hot Topic Mall Tour (Photo Source)

My Twilife: So, I am sure you met some 'Twilight' fans there. *laughs* How was that experience?

Steve: They are rabid! *laughs* Oh, I can't remember their real names, but Felix [Daniel Cudmore], Demetri [Charlie Bewley] and Kellan were there on mall tour with me. The shows were terrific, I have never been apart of something like that before. There were like 1500 13 year olds there, it was surreal.

My Twilife: You know, a lot of the Cast is musical, Jackson has a band, Rob is a musician, I heard Kristen plays guitar. So my questions is which one would you most like to sit down with for a little jam session?

Steve: You know, honestly I don't really know any of their music so I don't know....Uh, but my girlfriend would probably have me say Rob, not for musical reasons I am sure, but I will pick him! *laughs*

My Twilife: *Laughs* Good choice!

My Twilife: What do you like to do to relax when you have downtime?

Steve: Well, a year ago I started making short videos, it's a hobby of mine but they are also used for work. Two videos I did for the record I am holding on to so I have something to go out with in the new year. I also like to play guitar and write and record music, I am really a simple kind of guy.

My Twilife: Who are some of your musical influences, or favorites?

Steve: Actually it changes all the time. But my favorites right now are Daniel Lanois, he is the producer of U2 and Peter Gabriel's records. Also, Dave Fridmann produced the new Flaming Lips record I love that one! And Robert Plant & Alison Krauss's new record produced by T Bone Burnett.

For more on Hurricane Bells, check them out on their Facebook page or Myspace page where you can listen to more songs and see some of Steve's Videos! Or check them out on Vagrant's website!

Hurricane Bells' album, 'Tonight is the Ghost' is now available on iTunes!

Many thanks to Steve for taking the time to chat with me! Oh, and Steve, I hope you get that chance to come to Ohio and check out Cedar Point! ;)

1 comment:

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Great interview!

I just got my hands on the soundtrack (I know, I'm a bit behind) and am listening it to at work now. I really like this song (Monsters) and hearing the artist's questions make it cooler.

PS - Woot! on the Ohio / Cedar Point shout out. Don't forget to take the quick trip to CLE for the Rock Hall and whatnot ;) See you there!

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