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Friday, September 11, 2009

Deets on the New, Spolierific 'New Moon' Trailer

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Robert Pattinson Life reader Alison - @Irishgirlnc has already seen the New New Moon Trailer and shares what she saw:

- Volturi lair
- Aro, Caius, Marcus
- Felix fighting Edward
- Edward being thrown about the lair two or three times.
- Bella begging them to not hurt him
- Edward leaving Bella in the woods (more dialogue than we've already heard)
- Bella in the woods
- Bella in despair in her room
- Bella confronting the pack, Paul morphing in to a wolf in front of Bella

There is much more spoilerific content over at RPLife!

I mean I have already read the books, so I know all this happens, but Summit may be revealing a bit to0 much in my opinion. No?

What do you guys think??

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