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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Edward, Bella & Jacob on Eclipse Set (Arguing over the Black Volvo ;))

UPDATE: Hopefully you got to see the pictures before the hypocritical A-holes started making people take them down...I am sorry but this shit is getting ridiculous!

My guess is this is the scene where Jacob comes to Forks High to talk to Edward & Bella! It is one of my favorite scenes in the book!

That look is perfect for what I imagined in the book!


Bells doesn't like the black Volvo either!

See...they are arguing over why he got the black one... Robward looking sexy as usual!

Not sure why Bella's Stunt double is riding off with Jake, if it is the scene I thought, she doesn't leave with him. Jacob leaves and Bella & Edward go to class.

Head over to to see more pics from yesterday!


Rob's Swiss Miss said...

How can you do awesome spinout maneuvers in an SUV?! Not a fan of the "new" Volvo...go back to the C30. Bet Volvo paid extra to get another model in the movie (and presumably more money from sales). Then again, maybe they needed a bigger car to make room for Renesmee's carseat in future movies ;)

My Twilife said...

Ok so they want another model whatevs...but why can't it be silver, do they not make the new model in silver...Criminey! And so LMAO right now at your car seat observation...bahahahahaha At least they didn't trade it in for a minivan...yet!

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