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Friday, September 4, 2009

Kiowa Gordon Reveals We Will Be Able to Tell The Wolfpack Apart

MTV interviews Kiowa Gordon, who plays wolfpack member Embry Call in New Moon:

MTV: Do you have any scenes in "New Moon" with Kristen or Rob?

Gordon: No, nothing with Rob. We don't meet the vampires yet. We know [the Cullens], and we don't like them, so we don't like playing with them. But Kristen and Taylor, we have a couple scenes together.

MTV: You're joining this big, massive fanbase with an already-tight group of stars. How accepting were they of you rookies?

Gordon: We had a big dinner together, the whole cast and the director and the producers. And we all got to know each other and just become friends, basically. Now I have some friends for life. It's really awesome.

MTV: How about the fans?

Gordon: I guess I've been welcomed with open arms. A couple weeks after getting announced out there to the public that I got the role, a girl actually tattooed my name on her back with a paw print!

MTV: Your real name, not Embry's?

Gordon: Yeah! It was like, "Whoa!" And now I have my own team of supporters, for some reason.

MTV: The movie hasn't even come out yet! Does that put extra pressure on you to make sure your performance doesn't suck?

Gordon: Yeah, then they're gonna [want to remove the tattoos]. Maybe she'd cut it off. [Laughs.]

MTV: We've seen Taylor as a wolf in the "New Moon" trailer, but what are the rest of you guys going to look like?

Gordon: Well, we all look like brothers, so [we'll look similar], but we all have our own colors, so you can [tell which is which]. It's distinctive.

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