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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mitch Hansen Band Hopes to Be on New Moon Soundtrack

MTV reports that the Mitch Hansen Band is hoping to earn a spot on the New Moon Soundtrack and have even made a music video which they are debuting to MTV:

"It's called 'By You,' " the affable frontman of the Mitch Hansen Band told MTV News of his latest song and video, which he's premiering with us and hoping to get onto the upcoming "New Moon" soundtrack. "It's essentially from Bella's perspective, and it's kind of a very edgy rock-type song. It's about 'New Moon' through her eyes, all that pain she felt. Then at the end it resolves — in a more happy place, I should say. It's a very emotional song."

As for the exact moment in "New Moon" where his song could be appropriate, Hansen told us that he'd love to hear it playing during the pivotal cliff-diving scene. "I think that would be a good spot for it because in my mind, that seems really emotional," explained the rocker, who was inspired to begin composing "Twilight" tunes in 2007 after reading all the books in a week. "[Bella thinks she has] these voices in my head: 'I've gotta do something about it. OK, I'll jump off this cliff.' I think that would be a good song for it, definitely."


What do you guys think? Do you like the song? Think it is a good choice for New Moon?

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