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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twi-News Rewind: The Weeks Hoard

Ok, so if you remember, I told you in a previous post that my girl Elle would be contributing a weekly Twi-news rewind! I am so pumped about this!!

So, without further is her first (with my 2 cents thrown in)Twi-News Rewind, a.k.a. 'The Weeks Hoard":

Elle: This week was a bit different from last. I want to call it Ape shit week.

Started off by some of the Twi-Cast going to see Bobby Long. When I say Twi-Cast I mean Robert & Kristen. (If you are not aware of whom Bobby Long is you live under a rock. Do not just listen to him because he is a friend of Robert. He deserves more than that.)

MyTwilife: Here are some links where you can check out Bobby Long & his music: or

Oh and FYI Elle went to see Bobby in Concert on 9/9/09 in NYC and I asked her to tell us a little about it:

Elle: Bobby was amazing. No band just a sexy Brit & his guitar. He is very witty. See video and pics

He signed my tote & poster. He is amazing. If he is in a town near you, please see him. The best thing was my cousin. The Woo-er. I think he loved her. After his gig ended she asked him to hug me. He did. I am still JELLO.

MyTwilife= JEALOUS!

Elle: Everyone lost their cool when Kristen was called a ‘B----H’. I kept mine. I have grown accustomed to it like it’s my middle name.

MyTwilife: (Read about the fiasco @ CBA)You kill me! She did look like a fierce bitch (in a good way) in this "new" EW photo:

Then there was the Volvo...

Elle: A picture of a black Volvo appeared on set & again lots of people went LOCO. Thinking that David Slade was going to switch up the car from shiny Silver to a shiny Black. I did not go LOCO but I did make a poster that ended up on loads of blogs & people actually though it was real (he-he):

Said Poster

MyTwilife: That was HILARIOUS when people thought that was actually David Slade!! You impostor...You are like famous now! (Teehee) Me & ROBsessedBlog had a mini discussion on twitter about how it wouldn't matter if Rob drove up in a Ford Festiva, a Dodge Horizon or as ROBsessed put it a bicycle...we don't care!!

Elle: Lots of people were squirming in their seats when MTV announced that not only would Kris, Rob, Taylor & Ashley would be at the VMA’s but an extended New Moon trailer would also be shown.

But, the 2 minutes of art has hit the Internet already because it was shown before the Sorority Row movie in theatres this weekend. The trailer that is being shown at the VMA’s is supposedly longer. I cannot wait.

MyTwilife: I can't wait either! Here is the HQ Trailer (thanks to ROBsessed):

Elle: Mr. Lutz, Kellan Lutz told E! that Rob & Kris are ‘Complex’. I think he was just kidding. Ok maybe not. But how ‘Complex’ can a 19 & 23 year old be? Yeah they don’t hang outside much. So the conclusion is that they’re too boring for him.

MyTwilife: Yeah, I am not sure what the hell he was talking about...But since he is so damn fine I will let it slide...

MyTwilife's Evidence of said fine-ness!

Elle: Boo Boo Stewart. You are going to make me end up incarcerated. That is all.

MyTwilife: The above comment is due to said picture of little (illegal :)) Boo Boo:

Hope you enjoyed The Weeks Hoard! Join us next week for more extremely important Twi-News!
(if Elle is not incarcerated that is!)

p.s. Check out Elle's Blog According To My Sources and follow her on twitter here!

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as for a first impretion elle did great :)


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