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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

'Twilight in Forks' Official Trailer

MTV has a first look at the trailer for 'Twilight in Forks' a documentary about the town surrounding the Twilight Saga:

"One of the things that you'll see in the film is how vampires actually relate to Forks, and whether there's some truth to the characters that you're familiar with," explained director Jason Brown when he handed over the film's hot-off-the-presses first trailer. "This teaser gives you a glimpse at that."

Focusing on Forks, Washington — the real-life tiny logging town where Meyer imagined a world of vampires, werewolves and love-struck humans — "Twilight in Forks" visits Forks High School, explores the Quileute tribe, and investigates the phenomenon of Meyer's saga by talking to people whose lives may have influenced the characters — or vice versa.

"You'll see shots of the forest and some shots of signs about vampires," explained Brown, who used high-def cameras to capture the area's gorgeous rain-forest-like landscape. "You'll meet a real-life Bella and a real-life Alice that are in Forks."

Read the rest @ MTV.

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It became my life!!
I love them all

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