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Monday, October 12, 2009

Edward & Bella's Tortured Love Story Inspired Lykke Li's NM Song "Possibility"

Lykke Li talked to MTV about her song "Possibility" for the New Moon Soundtrack and how her inspiration came from Edward & Bella's "tortured love story."

"I stayed [in Los Angeles] and watched the movie, when it only had green screen on it. I had this hook in my mind, even before I saw the movie, and then I was watching it, and I was like, 'That's the hook!' " she said. "So it was very much like a discovery, inside myself and musically. I had this song growing inside of me that I had to get out, and [the film] was the trigger. Because I really connected with Bella and Edward's tortured love story."

So Li sat down at her piano and wrote "Possibility," a very maudlin song about love and pain and, ultimately, death. Lots of death. Like we said, she doesn't operate like most of her pop contemporaries.

"I get very visual when I make the songs. It's really quite serious. It's almost like a fever haze. It's very repetitive, like a mood you go into. But it's really serious, because, if you're really, really in love, and somebody leaves you, that's a very serious thing," Li explained. "And so the lyrics are like, 'When you walk, you walk like a thief with blood on your hands, because I die when you leave me.' It's in this limbo that, when the song is done, you don't know if I've survived or not. It's very much like a fever, like, 'Oh, my God, it's hot, she's going to die, maybe she did die?' It lingers on, into the next life. It's dark."

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